Edward St. John, Founder and President Edward St. John
Founder and Chairman

We don't just believe in a commitment to excellence—we practice it every day.

Chairman's Message

Since entering the real estate business in 1971, St. John Properties has changed a great deal. But our primary focus has remained the same.

We arrived where we are today by placing our clients’ needs first. Their success is our success, and our commitment to their needs reaches through all levels of our organization. Every professional at St. John Properties is trained to be knowledgeable and committed to being responsive.

That’s why, for instance, our leasing representatives have developed such a simple lease form. Our in-house designers can offer quick turn-arounds on space plan designs and revisions with their state-of-the-art CAD systems. Once a plan is finalized, our tenant improvement staff can have your business open and operating within weeks.

Another way to ensure our clients' success is by anticipating their future needs—instead of merely filling their immediate ones. Our first objective on any project is to create a facility that can be efficiently operated and maintained for years to come, and that will hold a position of prominence as strong in the future as on opening day.

We create value as opposed to generating fees. We maintain ownership rather than positioning a project for short-term sale. We don’t just believe in a commitment to excellence—we practice it every day.

If you are considering working with St. John Properties—in any capacity—I know that you’ll find it a pleasant and rewarding experience. We are extremely proud of our projects and our people, and we invite you to review the St. John portfolio in the following sections.