St. John Properties




Our leasing representatives undergo extensive training with our construction, finance and maintenance departments to gain in-depth knowledge of the landlord-client relationship.

This enables our leasing representatives to guide our clients through the process with greatest efficiency, from agreeing on lease terms to space planning, design and interior construction.

“Being a tenant of St. John’s Properties at The GATE on Aberdeen Proving Ground has been a success for Raytheon. The location put us closer to our customers and the relationship between Raytheon and SJP has enabled us to focus on our customers and our mission. Being…in a LEED certified commercial space allows us to stand out from our competitors. St. John Properties has been extremely responsive at every step of the way. They have provided us the infrastructure for our own achievement and provide a full service experience…going above and beyond to ensure satisfaction.”
Michael E. Peitsch, Program Manager, Raytheon